Started in 2002, Turkish section, acting in line with the aims of EUROSOLAR is bringing together in various activities, the ideas, efforts, studies to build up a long term total energy strategy to make the transformation to renewable energy sources in Turkey.

EUROSOLAR Turkey, is representing the WWEA , World Wind Energy Association in Turkey and takes place in Clean Energy Platform which includes several national and local institutions and in Environmental Platform of Turkey which covers more than 200 organizations dealing with environmental issues.

EUROSOLAR Turkey organized several conferences and seminars in various places in Turkey to create awareness on renewable energies. EUROSOLAR Turkey hosted in June 2010, the 9th.World Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition, WWEC2010, in Istanbul.

EUROSOLAR Turkey has started in 2011, the IRENEC, International 100% Renewable Energy Conferences and Exhibitions that will be held every year.