EUROSOLAR, The European Association for Renewable Energy was founded in 1988 as the non-profit organization that conducts its work independently of political parties, institutions, commercial enterprises and interest groups; The Association;

• has adopted the goal of completely substituting for nuclear and fossil energy through renewable energy,

• regards a total solar energy supply as essential for a sustainable economy,

• acts to change conventional political priorities and common infrastructures in favor of renewable energy, from the local to the international level,

• brings together expertise from the fields of politics, industry, science, and culture to promote the introduction of solar energy,

• offers everyone the chance to play a part in the sociocultural movement for renewable energy by joining the association,

• considers its goal a reality-based vision – the challenge of the century to mankind.

EUROSOLAR develops political and economic plans of action and concepts for the introduction of Renewable Energies. These range from market launch strategies to proposals for future research and development policies, from tax breaks to conversion aided by solar energy, over the contribution of solar energy to the developing world to agricultural, transport and construction policies.

EUROSOLAR promotes a broad-based sociocultural movement in support of solar energy, the mobilizing of new political and industrial forces as well as environmentally sustainable architecture and urban planning.

EUROSOLAR arranges numerous high-profile conference series and exploratory meetings on the national, European and international levels.

EUROSOLAR was the initiator of and provides registered offices to the World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE), founded in June 2001.

EUROSOLAR was the driving force behind the launch of “Grüner Strom Label e.V.” in 1999.

In co-operation with its national sections, EUROSOLAR organizes the awarding of the European Solar Prizes and the awarding of national Solar Prizes in several European countries. Since 1994, the European Solar Prizes have rewarded towns, companies, individuals and organizations for outstanding service to the utilization of renewable energy.

EUROSOLAR is based in Bonn, Germany and it’s highest international body is the European delegates assembly. Currently there are member sections in Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxemburg, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine and The United Kingdom. EUROSOLAR is represented by a president and seven vice-presidents. The sections are represented by an executive committee.