Section I
Setting-up provisions
Article 1
European Renewable Energy Association, Turkey Division (Eurosolar Turkey) is established as Turkish Division of European Renewable Energy Association which is located provisionally in Bonn and whose aims and objectives are exclusively and directly of public utility. Eurosolar Turkey Division is established in order to work towards the below mentioned objectives.
European Renewable Energy Association (Eurosolar) Turkey Division will be referred as Eusolar Turkey in the below articles.
Article 2
The center of Eurosolar Turkey is placed within the borders of Istanbul.
Article 3
Eurosolar Turkey works for launching the age of solar energy, in accordance with the objectives of European Renewable Energy Association (EUROSOLAR). Its objective is to enable the use of energy that is in harmony with society and environment. Eurosolar Turkey takes the conservation and improvement of natural basics of life on earth as an ethical responsiblity, and therefore stands up to endangering of nature by fossil fuels and nucleer use. In this scope:
a) Eurosolar Turkey works for the replacement of traditional forms of energy provision, both large and small scale, by renewable energy sources such as sun, wind, biomass and hydro, as well as hydrogen, produced by solar energy. All forms of energy provision are of relevance, from solar heat to solar-generated electricity and fuels, according to the guidelines which are an integral part of the objective of Eurosolar Turkey. However, only those sources of energy will be promoted whose use leads neither to impairment of their renewability nor of the environment. Eurosolar Turkey also promotes the efficient use of energy, and its conservation, as a means to help to speed the way to the solar energy era.

b) Eurosolar Turkey has a role to play in generalization of solar energy in particular the education and scientific studies in political, technological and economic areas and in the introduction of solar energy. Aims and objectives of Eurosolar Turkey are:
• the organisation of conferences, workshops, seminars and exhibitions;
• the setting-up of specialist working groups;
• the publication of documents and information;
• the granting of research contracts.
• and promoting similar activities taht seems necessary to reach the objective.
c) Eurosolar Turkey considers that the industrialised societies have a particular responsibility for the introduction of the solar energy world-wide. It sees it important in solving the conflicts peacefully between rich and poor countries.
d) Eurosolar Turkey, targets particularly Turkey while making activities world-wide in order to introduce the solar energy. Eurosolar Turkey supports national and international organisations and professional bodies that are sharing the same objective and aiming to the introduction of solar energy
e) Eurosolar Turkey has no relation with political parties. It is interested in the welfare of society and does not operate for economical gain.

Article 4
The major activities of Eurosolar Turkey are as following:
a) To follow, speed up, give guidence and support scientific researches, technical developments and implementations. To contribute in producing and usage of most advanced technologies in this field, enabling information exchange by bringing together people who are working on this field.
b) Encouraging the use of renewable energy resources in the country.
c) Collecting and disseminating information on renewable energy.
d) Introducing renewable energy resources by organising conference, seminar and similar activities, working to accelerate the researches, improvements and usages in this field.
e) Representing Turkey within European Renewable Energy Association (Eurosolar).
f) For that purpose, collaborating with universities, occupational organisations, local governments, unions and other institutions.
g) Establishing and operating commercial enterprise to undertake the activities for the realization of its objectives.

Section II
Membership Conditions
Article 5
Institutions and organisations and individuals over the age of 18 who has beneficial ownership of civil rights, that are concerned generally with energy and renewable energy may apply for membership. Individual applications are accepted if recommended by two members and approved by the boards. Institutional members are accepted if approved by the board.

Membership Types
Article 6
a) Institutional Membership: The membership applications of institutions and organisation which follow the same objectives with Eurosolar Turkey are accepted to institutional membership by the Board. Institutional member is respresented with one vote in the General Assembly.
b) Individual Membership: The application of a real person who follows the objectives of Eurosolar Turkey is accepted as individual member by the Board. Individual member is represented with one vote in the General Assembly.

Membership Prosedures
Article 7
Membership prosedures are executed as below:

a) Candidate fills in and submits to Eurosolar Turkey Chairman, the Membership Statement stating the acceptance of the candidate, the aims and activity topics and that he/she complies with the membership conditions.
b) The membership request of a candidate shall be recomended by at least two members in order to be put into procedure.
c) The Board members or a commitee established by them, take decision on the membership and notify the candidate in written in 30 days following the application date, after making necessary investigation about the candidate.
d) Those who are accepted to be member pay entrance fee and annual subscription fee.

Madde 8
Those who wants to secede from membership apply in written to the Board and secede from the association by paying the depths if exists any.

Termination of Membership and Objection
Article 9
The reasons to terminate one’s membership are as follows:
a) Going against the decisions of General Assembly and the Board decisions and consitution provisions, putting the realization of the objective and execution of the activities into difficulty.
b) Not paying subscription fees.
The Board undertakes the necessary investigation and examination via a discipline commitee it establishes, takes the person’s defense and gives decision on the termination of the membership via secret vote or two third of the majority votes of total member number. Termination decision shall be notified in written to the member.
The member whose membership is terminated may object to the decision in 15 days after the notification.

Section III
Execution Provisions
General Assembly
Article 10
General Assembly, consisted of institutional and individual members sit biennially in April. In case Board of Directors and Board of Auditors find it necessary or upon the written request of one third of the members, General Assembly holds extraordinary meeting.
The date, time, place and agenda of the General Assembly meeting are informed to the members in written at least 15 days prior. In this invitation, date, place and time of the second meeting are also stated in case of absence of majority.
General Assembly sits in case of absolute majority. In the first meeting, if the quorum is not met, quorum is not required for the second meeting. However, the number of members participating in the meeting shall not be below the total number of the full members of Boards of Directors and Auditors.

Tasks and Authority of the General Assembly
Article 11
Election of the organs of association, changing the Statues, negotiating and approving the reports of the Boards of Directors and Auditors, approval of the budget that is prepared by the Board of Directors as it is or changed, giving authorization to the Board of Directors to buy and sell immovable properties, closing up Eurosolar Turkey and ending its activities, undertaking other tasks that are mentioned in the Satues and law, are within the tasks and authority of the General Assembly.

Voting and Decision Taking Process in the General Assembly
Article 12
Decisions of the General Assembly are taken with at least one more than the votes of half majority of the participants of the General Assembly. The election of authorized boards is conducted by secret ballot and open counting. In the General Assembly, each memeber can vote just for himself/herself.
Board of Directors
Article 13
The Board of Directors is comprised of 5 full members and 5 alternates who are elected by the General Assembly. However, the Board of Directors can not include more than 2 institutional members. The Board of Directors elect one president, one vice-president, one secretary and one treasurer from its members in its first meeting. The Board of Directors sits when at least three members and chairman or deputy chairman are present. Decisions are taken by majority of votes. In case of equation, the vote of the chairman counts for two. Alternates participate in the meetings but don’t have right to vote. The members who do not participate in the General Assembly meeting more that three times consecutively without any excuse, are deemed to have forfeited the Board membership and replaced by the first alternate. If more than two memberships are empty and can not be replaced by the alternates, General Assembly is called for meeting by the decision of current Boards of Directors and Auditors. Eurosolar Turkey is represented by the Chairman of the Board of Directors or the members assigned by him/her.
Board of Directors is authorized on behalf of Eurosolar Turkey. It conducts the operations of revenue and expenditure account, impelement the decisions of the General Assembly, prepares Work Report and Budget and submits them to the General Assembly.

Board of Auditors
Board of Auditors is consisted of three members and three alternates who are elected by the General Assembly. However, there shall not be more than one institutional member in the Board of Auditors. It elects a Chairman within itself, the member who doesn’t attend to the meeting upon the call of the Chairman without a valid excuse is deemed to have forfeited the Board membership, and is replaced by the first alternate.
The Board of Auditors audits the incomes and expenditures and the books that are mandatory to be kept every six months at longest and whenever considered necessary, and submits its audit report to the Board of Directors and the General Assembly.
Article 15
There shall not be more than one member who is in student status in the Boards of Directors and Auditors.

Section IV
Financial provisions
Incomes of Eurosolar Turkey
Article 16
a) The annual dues of individual members is 120.00TL. This amount can be paid monthly. The amount is determined by the General Assembly for each fiscal year.
b) The entrance fee from the applicants who will be accepted to individual membership is 250.00TL The amount is determined by the General Assembly for each fiscal year.
c) For institutional membership the dues are 4 times , for academicians ½ times, and for students ¼ times of the amounts applied to individual members.
d) The incomes from the activities organised by Eurosolar Turkey.
e) Donations and charities.

Article 17
The expenditures shall be relevant with the objective of Eurosolar Turkey and shall be documented by invoice, receipt or bill.

Various Provisions
Article 18
Founders of the Association:
Name/Last Name Place and Date of Birth Occupation Nationality Adress
M. Yalçın Algon Mardin/1953 Engineer T.C. Papatyalı Sok.5A/15, Çiftehavuzlar,İstanbul
Eralp Özil Eskişehir/1947 Academic member T.C. Tütüncü Mehmet Efendi.Cad. Nilüfer Hn.Apt 9.1/5, Göztepe/İstanbul
Baha Kuban İstanbul/1958 Engineer T.C. Dolaybağı-Serviliyol 1/3, A.Hisar-İstanbul
Tanay Sıdkı Uyar Çankırı/1953 Academic member T.C. Yeni Fikir Sok. Alemdar Apt. 11/13, Moda/İstanbul
Metin Çolak İstanbul/1942 Academic member T.C. Kazım Dirik Mah. 162 Sok. 14/5, Bornova, İzmir
Haluk Sayar İstanbul/1967 Engineer T.C. Yaren Sok.Aydın Apt. 3B-D20Beşiktaş, İstanbul
Ahmet Tarık Uzunkaya İstanbul/1951 Engineer T.C Dr.M.Tümerkan Sok. No.4/A2,Feneryolu, İstanbul